About Us

The two Bomma Flora brothers separated by the Atlantic, united by chocolate !

In Belgium, a great country of chocolate, it is tempting to make bars and pralines using chocolate pebbles and pralines in jars from the chocolate industry…but we wanted to offer you something different. In an authentic, ethical and environmentally friendly way, we produce a chocolate that will bring you intense pleasure. Our chocolates explore the fusion of flavours between a tasting chocolate and indigenous plants: angelica, meadowsweet, fennel, sea buckthorn berries.

A “bean to bar” and “one bean” approach

The cocoa beans arrive directly at Bomma Flora and are roasted and ground with sugar by us, unlike other chocolate makers who buy them from the industry. At Bomma Flora, one type of bean gives one chocolate (“One bean”), no blending, no mixing of beans. The chocolate is then tempered and transformed into bars, chocolates and delicacies that combine cocoa notes with nuts, fruits and flowers from our regions.

An ethical, certified organic and circular chocolate factory

For us, this means
– being in regular contact with the cocoa cooperatives and producers, buying the cocoa at the required price, providing feedback in the form of tastings and workshops > an ethical chocolate
– to guarantee and certify a product without pesticide residues and above all to avoid producers using fertilisers and pesticides that are toxic for their health and for the environment in which they live > an organic chocolate
– to make use of unconsumed fractions and incorporate those of other producers, to find renewable energy sources and to reduce the amount of waste, especially plastic, in the production process and at the time of sale > a circular chocolate