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Walana 45% – milk chocolate infused with fennel

This Walana 45% milk bar is infused with fennel seeds and embellished with fennel seeds, cocoa bean chips and marigold petals.

V’vaya 70% – dark chocolate infused with meadowsweet

This V'vaya bar is infused with meadowsweet and enhanced with roasted hazelnuts, cranberries and cornflower flowers.

Walana 45% – milk chocolate with roasted hazelnut

Walana cocoa beans give off aromatic, woody, smoky and nutty notes as well as honey, caramelized almonds, ripe fruit and cinnamon. These flavors pair wonderfully with hazelnuts and milk in a balance of 45% cocoa and 55% milk and sugar. Walana cocoa comes from Waslala in the Matagalpa region in northern Nicaragua.

The Bomma Flora brothers offer chocolate bars and artisanal, natural and floral pralines .

The Bomma Flora brothers

In a slow food approach, the two Bomma Flora brothers offer chocolate bars and artisanal, natural and floral pralines.

They are a gourmet combination of plants that are common but little known in our regions and a chocolate produced in an artisanal way from exceptional cocoa beans imported from Central America.

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Carbon neutrality and circularity
Organic and artisanal manufacturing
100% traceability of cocoa beans

The diversity of flavors and aromas of cocoa is as rich as that of wine: notes of red fruits, citrus fruits, honey, a woody and slightly astringent touch, etc.

This richness comes from the varieties and varied soils of Nicaragua but also from the management of the plantation and the control of the process of fermentation of the beans.

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