For Valentin.e, Saints and all the others

Our love carried away by the flavours of shared chocolate

Bomma Flora offers you a gourmet assortment of chocolates, beggars and a fennel-infused chocolate tablet in a magnificent box with a natural dried flower: a strawflower, of course.

Everything you taste is made in the Bomma Flora workshop: the chocolates (dark, milk and white) are bean to bar, i.e. produced from Nicaraguan beans for the dark and milk chocolate and from natural Piura cocoa butter from Peru for the white one. The pralines are made from roasted hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts, caramelised and finely ground by us. The jellies are made from fruit, sugar and pectin.

Striving to operate without single-use plastic, the box is made of cardboard from cocoa pod waste (Cocoa Paper™), kraft paper and natural raffia.

The box will introduce you to a wide range of flavours:

  • A 45% Walana milk chocolate bar infused with fennel
  • Four dark and white chocolate mendiants, walnuts and hazelnuts, dried morello cherries and physalis
  • Eight pralines
    Dark chocolate ganache infused with peppermint
    Almond/hazelnut praline with raspberry jelly
    Dark chocolate ganache
    Walnut/hazelnut praline and pear jelly with star anise